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Joan Wagner, Ph.D., Associate Consultant

consultants wagoner-joanSpecializations

Institutional Audits, Strategic Planning, Administrator Training, Dispute Resolution/Mediation, Board Workshops, New School Feasibility/Creation, Pre-construction Planning, Pre-Accreditation Review, Parent Associations, Faculty In-service Programs: classroom management, curriculum issues, instructional strategies, and educating special needs and gifted students

Dr. Joan Wagner holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Texas Tech University and a Masters and Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Education from Texas Women's University. She holds certification in administration, regular education, special education, and early childhood. Joan has more than 30 years of experience as an educator, including 17 years as a Catholic school principal, and has been the director of a diocesan summer program for gifted students. As an elementary school principal, Dr. Wagner is the contact for curriculum, all personal matters, and all matters related to student academic success and student behavior.