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Rick Henderson, Senior Consultant

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Feasibility Studies and Capital Campaign consultation, Annual Giving Programs, Planned Giving Programs, Strategic Planning, Philanthropy Institutional and Nonprofit Seminars

Rick Henderson is the president and primary trainer/gift designer for Goal Line Philanthropy, LLC. Rick provides a full range of planned giving, major gift and fundraising techniques designed to help nonprofits build long-term financial stability through immediate, annual and deferred gifts. Rick's expertise of planned giving and alternative charitable gifting designs providing maximum benefit for the donor, along with the nonprofit organization, has evolved from 15 years in various positions of consulting on campaign management to traditional planned giving support.

Rick is a dynamic and engaging speaker on nonprofit planned giving topics. On an annual basis, Rick conducts over 100 national presentations. Rick's philanthropic passion stemmed from his few years of financial services background early in his career advising clients of traditional charitable techniques. In this position he worked extensively with nonprofit organizations and their donors in the management of private foundations, community foundations, charitable trusts, gift annuities and endowments. By and combining traditional thought with creativity and innovation, is what separates Rick from other nonprofit consultants.

Rick holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting from King's College. A member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the New England Planned Giving Council, The Planned Giving Group of CT and the Planned Giving Group of New England. Rick, his wife Kim, and their two children reside in CT. He is an active member of his community serving as a volunteer on a number of community boards along with volunteering as a youth football coach.

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