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Board Sessions

  • "How did we get from there to here?!"
  • "The Essential role of Committees in the life of the Board"
  • "Bored Board?: How to Enliven Leadership and Accountability to
    Achieve Fundraising Results"
  • "Board's Role in Strategic Planning"

Administration Sessions

  • "Spirituality of Administration"
  • "Burnout and How to Avoid it"
  • "People Management"
  • "Role of Strategic Planning"
  • "Catholic School Culture and the Challenge of Change"

Faculty Sessions

  • "We Were Never Their Age"
  • "A Spirituality for Educators"
  • "Creating the New Normal"
  • "The Critical Role of Faculty in Enrollment Management"
  • "Why I teach"

 Major Gift/Planned Giving Development Resources

  • "Creating the Ultimate Legacy Gift"
  • "The New Definition of Planned Giving"
  • "Maximizing Immediate Cash Gifts"
  • "Making Major gifts MAJOR"
  • "The Comprehensive Gift Approach"
  • "The New Normal of Philanthropy"
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